Monday, September 28, 2009

Collectible items: NTMTBA'09 Jerseys Up For Grabs!

Ahoy there!
Missed all the event lately ? Here is your chance to own yourself a limited NTMTBA'09 jerseys for RM40.00 including ship. or postage.....Self collect price RM35.00 . Redeem yourself as Nibong Tebal Mountain Bike Adventures'09 Riders and be a part of us who enjoy each corners, bumps, hills and thrills of the trails. Contact our Treasury for payments or any further arrangements. (Look Up for contact number on the screen)TQ

Hurry Up! The numbers are limited. Buyers are advised to check on the size and its availability before made any payments......Call our friendly Treasury!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jersey! Jersey!

Please feel free to contact us if U guys still have not received your long awaited jersey......Mentioned your plate number and we will responds to you promptly..
Sila hubungi kami jika jersey yang ditunggu tunggu belum tiba.........Maklumkan nombor plate anda dan kami akan hubungi anda.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wanna See What Are You Missing?

Love everybody out there in NTMTBA'09. Hope we meet again....Till then,
enjoy picture below:
NTMTBA'09 set 1 (Inside Trail, Crown Complete,Close up and little bit of preparation) )
NTTBA'09 set 2 (Goodies collection, Kick Start- Who lead the pack?, Entering 1st offroad, CPI DH, Arrival n Crown etc.)
NTMTBA'09 set 3 (Down Hill ....You'll love them!)
NTMTBA'09 set 4 (Climbing Yak Yak Yeah!...)
NTMTBA'09 set 5 (Hurray! Hurray Lepak King!....)
NTMTBA'09 set 6 (Incident? accident? Co incident?)
It's amazing how they are trying to take/make a best shots from their lens...... Thank You Bro!

Thanks for all the photographers involved.....Zieman and friends , Nizam ,Pon , Bro.J and all.....


Salute To All Riders!

Mountain Pedal'ars would like to express gratitude and thanks to all of the participants/co sponsors of NTMTBA'09. Congratulation to winners and fellow pedalars / bikers.

Mountain Pedalars a.k.a gerekgunung mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua peserta / penaja yang menyertai NTMTBA09. Tahniah kepada pemenang dan semua pengayuh / peserta MTB. Segala kekurangan dari pihak penganjuran amat di kesali dan pihak penganjur komited untuk berusaha dengan lebih baik di masa masa akan datang.

The following are list of top 20 riders.(Berikut adalah senarai 20 peserta pertama sampai)

1. Shahrin Amir 896 DueRoda Extreme Bianchi 9.45 a.m
2. Azizan Manap 250 Sri Serdang 9.51 a.m
3. Zabidi Ali 111 LeTua 9.57 a.m
4. Danny Khaw 154 MKH 9.58 a.m
5. Lim Ching Yong 379 PinkBike Trading 10.02 a.m
6. Jafirdaus Jamaludin 333 KTcycletron 10.03 a.m
7. Ravikumar 754 Soo Beng 10.04 a.m
8. Saijod Lau Tae Way 238 Cross ORT Xc 10.06 a.m
9. Chan Seong Phun (Sean) 863 MKH Cycling 10.07 a.m
10. Goh Yong Choon 787 Soo Beng 10.08 a.m
11. Lim Sang Lay 797 Soo Beng 10.11 a.m
12. Koo Jun Pin 788 Soo Beng 10.14 a.m
13. Neng Ai Seng 239 Cross ORT Xc 10.16 a.m
14. Lim Sian Eien 792 Soo Beng 10.19 a.m
15. Mohd Edham Khalid 894 DueRoda Extreme Bianchi 10.21 a.m
16. Faizal Jusoh 906 KHTBikerz 10.22 a.m
17. Chen Kim Heng 548 OZE Cycle 10.23 a.m
18. Chuah Aik Hwah 354 PinkBike Trading 10.24 a.m
19. Chai Ching Cal 153 MKH Cycling 10.24 a.m
20. Nor Azam B Mat Nor 766 Soo Beng 10.25 a.m

Category Women
1. Michelle Fong Lay Guan (135) Penang 10.56 a.m

The rest of the list shall be update soon...........

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Somebody have done his home work! Did U?

From Azmie ORBEA
The organizer STILL have the right to changes the course/trail without prior notice or prejudice. As of the RESOURCES stands.....the information is valid prior to information given on the adiharriman.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tantative Program For These Event.

Due to overwhelming support! We would like to advise our fellow riders to come early for the "kick start"or else you might having difficulties to find your way in or car park. We shall be available to help you out with parking area......but then, be Early PLEASE!!

Our tentative program are as follow;
As a reminder for the local riders; though there are 4 checkpoints need to be completed. You MUST have more than 4 sticker to complete the trails....... (So be nice, and complete the course will ya).
A pick up/truck will follow the last person biking, at 12.30 they will hunt you down and direct you to the finish point (ONLY if you haven't reach CP3).....So be alert! Safe Ride n Enjoy!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

46 km is not enough? How about another 270 km?

Peramah dan mudah mesra orangnya..........
Hari kedua dari Pantai Remis ke NTMTBA09.

Meet Tezibianchi in Jawi Inn Rest House, S.P.S, P.Pinang with his solo ride from Bangi, K.L. With 12 hours of torture and pain, 20th June 09 at 5.00pm .......... Let's makes it a day to remember! Have a safe journey....n welcome aboard!

Goodies Collection Day 20th June 2009.
Time : 10.00 a.m onwards
Place: Jawi Inn Rest House(1km from from Jawi Tol Exit, Headed Right)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plate Number Revealed!

Numbers! Check!
Ready to be given away.......

Friday, June 5, 2009

Grabs These Opportunity!! Register Now......

Ahoy All Riders!
Never had a chance to registered? Now Its your chances to fill up another 200 participants and enjoy the trails with us. be a part of NTMTBA'09 Now!!We have reached 800 participants at the moment. The stake is high so we are happy to announce that we welcome another 200 participants on the list. We are trying to complete 1000 jersey before the events.

Bilangan peserta telah mencecah 800 orang, GG Committee akan berusaha menambah lagi 200 helai jersey tambahan untuk peserta-peserta yang baru mendaftar sebelum NTMTBA09.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calling All Riders!! Alert!!

731 riders was registered ..........The numbers are still running. Come N join Us! Due to overwhelming support from MTB enthusiasm we hereby would like to announce that the registration are still OPEN untill 20th June. 800 jerseys with a selected sizes are preliminary ordered and ready to be given away. The following numbers (801 above /size out of stock/ Odd sizes); dont be sad! The jerseys are available in another three weeks times after the jamboree event; pick up by self collect. Courrier services also can be arrange. Remember! Total 800 jerseys are in selected sizes only so please Hurry Up and Dont Miss Them!

731 telah berdaftar.......Bilangan kian bertambah. Anda bila lagi? Mari sertai kami! Dengan sambutan yang menggalakkan dari penggemar MTB pihak kami ingin mengumumkan pendaftaran masih terbuka sehingga 20 June. 800 helai jersey pelbagai saiz telah ditempah dan sedia untuk diberi. Pada yang mendaftar melebihi bilangan 800 perserta atau saiz yang ditempah telah kehabisan atau sizes jersey anda ganjil ....jangan kecewa. Jersey anda boleh diambil tiga minggu selepas acara Jamboree....Pihak kami akan memastikan anda memilikinya walau apa cara, datang mengambilnya atau diposkan ke rumah anda dengan sedikit bayaran tambahan. INGAT 800 jersey telah ditempah mengikut pecahan sizes dari data yang diterima.....Tunggu Apa Lagi? Cepat! Berdaftar ......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Open Test Track for registered participants

Welcome aboard!
(Registered participants; you are invited to check on the jamboree tracks with us on 31st Mei 2009. For those who want to register for the jamboree on that day is also welcome; register booth are open.)

Kepada semua peserta berdaftar, anda dipelawa untuk merasai sebahagian dari track yang dihidangkan untuk jambori NTMTBA09. Kepada yang belum berdaftar, pendaftaran dibuka pada hari tersebut.......

Meeting Point: Sekolah Kebangsaan Jawi
PIC: Abg Mat (0194113535)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NTMTBA09 Jersey Pre Release...

Register for NTMTBA09 now! And it's yours....
Cycling jersey for a RM50.00 registration? Dont miss out!
You want these jersey and other goodies in front of your door step? Register now and add another RM10.00 for delivery via POSLAJU/SKYNET. (Mahukan jersey dan goodies ini di hadapan pintu rumah anda? Tambahkan RM10.00 bagi tujuan penghantaran melalui POSLAJU/SKYNET)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nibong Tebal MTB Adventure 09 - Trek Revealed

From the eyes of adiharriman dot com. Click the picture to enlarge...

And how about U guys out there? Sure U dont wanna miss the fun? Click (here) register NOW!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Progress n progress!!! Behind the scenes...

Ever wondering how serious we are in organizing these project/events?
Checkpoints treats sample perhaps? :)
Documentation...are all has been taken into account!! Approavals from local authorities, sponsorship, logistics etc.....you name it.
Have you seen it in any local events??
100% Commitments....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Highway or not? U cant missed it....

NTMTBA09.....Where is it?


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our first registered participants...
Male : Frank Viermann
Female : Faizah bt Salleh

Monday, March 16, 2009

Registration Form Revised

Due to some +ve & -ve feedback received, we would like to draw all participants attention on the changes made on the closing date of registration. Participants are encourage to make their registration as early as possible (before 1st June) so that oraganizer would have more ample time to prepare jersey and other goodies on the schedule. Late registration (after1st June), your jersey and goodies are ready to be collect on 12 July o9.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What More NTMTBA'09 Got To Offer??

Enjoy n u figure out yourself!! See U there.............

Descending begin.........tak cukup curam, tapi believe me......layan!